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This is Me - James Mackie


I am a Survivor of Domestic abuse and violence and so I have written my own story. My motivation for writing is nothing to do with revenge or making my Ex Wife pay for what she did. 

No, it was something I needed to do, it was cathartic and part of the healing process. But more than that I felt the nudge from God to speak out, to stand up without fear and tell my story so that it may inspire or help others. 

Other who have been through or are still going through bad relationships with a narcissistic wife or girlfriend. To let them know, to let you know you are not alone. It Does Happen to Men and it is OK to admit it and seek help or support.

The book tells my story which will also be the same story for many men who have stayed silent and suffered. you don't need to suffer. You don't need to be unhappy.

Come and talk to me, read the book and see that I know where you are and I will help however I can. I have trained as an Elite Life Coach and so can work with you to try and understand your situation and help you come through it.

I work with the 3 Principles which give a completely different and life changing understanding of how the mind works.

As a Christian I am driven to help people but I wont ram God down your throat, but I will pray for you and show you love and kindness no matter what.

The Forum

Come join the forum, I will be there to encourage and moderate but most importantly it is a safe place where you can talk openly and seek support and advice from others that are either survivors or in the midst.

The forum is locked down, regulated and all members are checked and vetted before they are allowed to join.

The Book.......

This book is a real story of how one man survived several years where he was subjected to domestic abuse - emotional abuse, verbal abuse which often escalated into physical abuse.

The book centres around a diary kept for over a year which recorded a multitude of incidents, thoughts and feelings that will shock you.

Discover how such treatment can affect a person and how they manage to cope with what seems beyond endurance.

You need to read on to find out if he eventually made an escape from his living nightmare but be sure that the contents of this story depict a very difficult path and far tougher than you could ever imagine.

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