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James Mackie

Author, Motivational Speaker & Coach

It Does Happen to Men

A Diary of Abuse by a Male Survivor
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Read a harrowing story of one man trapped in an unhappy and abusive marriage trying desperately to escape and protect his children from the one person who was supposed to love them

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James Mackie is a successful and experienced businessman who has now turned his mission into helping people whenever he can.

He has recently trained as an Elite Personal Coach and uses his spare time to help others overcome real life issues just like he has overcome.

He is a Survivor of Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence. He has overcome chronic illness, heart attacks and major heart surgery. he has lived through anxiety, depression, a narcissistic boss, redundancy and financial difficulties which all put him in a position to know and understand how to overcome adversity and thrive.

He speaks several languages and is very experienced in business and marketing. He is a committed Christian and works to help men and bring them to Christ.

He is happily divorced and remarried with a wonderful wife and family proving that there is a life after being abused.

He loves mountains, sport, music and travelling.

The Book.......

This book is a real story of how one man survived several years where he was subjected to domestic abuse - emotional abuse, verbal abuse which often escalated into physical abuse.

The book centers around a diary kept for over a year which recorded a multitude of incidents, thoughts and feelings that will shock you.

Discover how such treatment can affect a person and how they manage to cope with what seems beyond endurance.

You need to read on to find out if he eventually made an escape from his living nightmare but be sure that the contents of this story depict a very difficult path and far tougher than you could ever imagine.



I am happy to talk to and support anyone in a similar situation

I have been through so much in my life and am here still and having come through it all I am strong and ready to help others overcome whatever it is they are facing.

if you are trapped in an abusive relationship, struggling with life or any other issues then come and talk to me.

First session is free and you have no obligation to continue.

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